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I AM A RENOWNED PUBLIC MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER, AUTHOR, LIFE SKILLS COACH, CORPORATE SKILLS FACILITATOR, SDF, QUALIFIED (ODETDP) OCCUPATIONALLY DIRECTED EDUCATION TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT PRACTITIONER, AND ASSESSOR WITH ALMOST 15 YEARS TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCE. WHAT I DO William holds regular Motivational Speaking Seminars, Team Building Seminars in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and abroad. He is a regular guest speaker at corporate events and is the “go to guy” for many renowned companies for staff training and development and corporate events. He hosts many seminars on Entrepreneurial Skills, Selling Skills, Innovation, Emotional Intelligence, Management and Leadership Skills. Author of the books, ‘Life Readiness South Africa’, and his latest works include the Management and Leadership book called, ‘Are you the BOSS?, which is fast becoming the corporate manual for management staff.