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So listen up!...Please don't be as stupid as I was, yes you heard me! 

Half of my natural life so far I spent making debt and problems for myself and the other half I am spending to try and fix it. For years I thought I am just daft, but I have realized that I am not alone. Almost everyone I know have been and are doing exactly the same. So the question is why? Well I have come to find out that everyone have been doing this because we have not had the opportunity to get all of the relevant information in advance. We have been running around like blinded bunnies in a dense and overgrown bush, trying to figure out this thing called life and all that is involved in it. Why do you think we call the internet the University of Google?

I want to give you something that we never had at your age, and that is knowledge! Yeah, that thing that your parents told you about so many times, things like: You think money grow on trees, you need to get a job, or one day when your old enough you will realise how difficult life is...well they are right, life can be a really difficult thing to manage at times. When you hear all these things like you need to get a job, the question is HOW?? Where do you start? When your faced with debtors bugging the daylights out of you daily because you skipped a payment or your cabby brakes down and you dont have the cash to fix it, or your car gets scaled and you find out that the insurance company wont cover your costs due to one or the other small fine print that you had no clue of when you signed up..

All of these things happen in life and the only way that you can steer clear of these difficulties is by filling your noggin and being prepared in advance.

This book aims at giving you the everyday advice and knowledge to set you up for a successful and profitable future by taking you through all of the most challenging things that you will face in your future, like:

  • buying a car or a house,
  • getting a job,
  • going to university or taking a gap year
  • How to set up a budget, and how to build financial freedom by paying yourself first,
  • and much much more...

I hope and trust that you will enjoy this book and learn a lot, getting those life hacks to give you an advantage. This is not a read once type of book, so if your the type of person that when people ask you...CAN YOU READ?? And you answer.. "Sure but I choose not to"... don't stress, this is a guide that you should keep with you and consult whenever you face those specific challenges in life. 

I always hear people saying, if I only knew this when I was younger...well now you are getting that edge...lets give you what they wish they had.

Lets Go!

William H. Nell

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